A 60-Second Master Class in the Subtle Art of Non-Cheesy Dirty Talk

We recently featured some great sex tips from some of the winners of our Wildfire Contest, which asked readers to give us their best tip for lighting up their love life. The following winning entry was so good, it deserved its own dedicated post:

Best tip? Easy.

Read. Read to her. Read to her in bed and learn to tell stories of your own. They don’t even have to be sexy. The point is to draw your partner in with the sound of your voice and the cadence of your breath.

When it’s time to be physically intimate, she’ll relax even more into the sound of your voice and the rhythm of your lungs rising up and down. Up. And. Down.

Whisper simple words. Ask her to repeat what you say.

“Yes,” you whisper in her ear.

“Yes,” she whispers back in yours.

Drag the tip of your index finger down her neck, across her shoulder, down her arm to her hand, and then back up again.

“Feel that?” you whisper in her ear.

“Yes,” she whispers back in yours. Now her lungs are rising, too. Up. And. Down.

“Yessssss,” you say.

“Yessssss,” she says back.

Kiss her hard on the mouth. Say it again: “Yes.”

“YES,” she’ll moan.

Grab her hair. Kiss her neck with your teeth.

“Scratch me. Leave your mark,” you say.

“Yesssss,” she groans.

Now your fire is lit. See how simple that is? The rest is up to you, but don’t stop whispering. Don’t stop breathing.

(Bonus if you can reverse the roles. Some guys like their hair pulled, too; and how often does a woman tell her man, “Scratch me. Leave your mark.”? Just sayin’.)

— Megan

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