Comment of the Week: Save a Piece of the Sex Pie for Yourself

photo by smulligannn

I reckon that as well as part of the sexuality pie we share with our partners, we all still have slices that belong to us as an individual. Perhaps if you feel his personal slice is way outweighing the slice you’re sharing as a couple, just have a good old wank yourself!

Take the opportunity to get back in touch with your own slice of me-sex. And then drop it into conversation, or leave the evidence (dildo) lying around. See what he thinks. If he’s like “Haaaaay! Why you no have sexy time with me baybee?” then it might be an opening for you to talk about what your sex time with or without each other means, hence an opportunity for you to talk about how you feel about his self-lovin’ habits.

But it could go the other way. You drop a little “Honey, I was just massaging my G-spot earlier and I started to wonder whether I’ve been wetter recently than I used to be? What do you reckon?” Oh boy, that kinda thing is sure to get him all wanting to touch you and eat you up and shit.

Playing with yourself without your partner can be a lot like foreplay I reckon, as long as you’re both comfortable with it and you at least leave a good slice left for them. It can be fantastic if you masturbate but don’t let yourself come, just keep having little me-times but wait for the together time for the Big Bang.

Diz, responding to the post “Wise Guys – Should I Worry If He Masturbates More Than We Have Sex?”

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