Comment of the Week: Size Doesn’t Matter; Passion Does

Mesha, commenting on “Advice: My New Boyfriend Has a Small Penis…At Least, It’s Small to Me”:

No one sees our “flaws” more than ourselves. My advice to men: stop measuring yourselves, big or small — you are a man, and just in being a man are wonderful in yourselves and highly valued by women. Just love us. That’s it. Don’t worry about how big — we look to the man who loves us as the only man in the universe, the man who loves me I have seen as no other. No one other man can compare. To women: Love your man — he is your foundation stone. Love him, and he would protect you even if it means he must lay down his life for you. Men feel hurt and rejection as you do. Do not hurt your man, they are a great gift to us, and it is an honor to be loved by a man. Remember, we are meant to build each other up, not tear each other down. Period.

Have passion. Look at the word itself: passion is described as a compelling, driving emotion. It is something that just wells up deep inside you that drives you forward. Passion actually defines the way you act. Passion will actually cause your heart to go after certain things. Your passions will even influence the way you talk — out of the overflow of our hearts, our mouths speak. If she says cruel things about your size, sit back and see if her words define her intentions. She is not for you. She is all about herself. And she is not ready to be in a loving relationship. It is not your fault, it is a fail within herself that she must work out on her own. More often than not, misery loves company. Find a sound mentally stable female to be with.

From here on out, if you’ve been hurt (and we all have), learn to break away from the power of your past. End the cycle now. When we have passion in our hearts they are no longer made of stone, but of flesh! And if this indwells in your life, all of a sudden being devoted truly is not a chore or something to fear, but you are set free! So ask yourself, what beats in the heart of your relationships? What is in your heart? Because the honest truth is, you will never take anyone farther than you have gone yourself. If there is no passion, no love, no trust — hey, if you’re not willing to explore and open up your heart, you will only lead your lover as far as you’re willing to go. Your passions will set the tone, and take your people with you.



  1. I could never say enough wonderful things about what Mesha wrote. She absolutely understands what true love is all about and what really matters in a male-female relationship. Her comments were intelligent, compassionate, and most importantly, all about love. It was amazingly beautiful. The only comments that I ever read that was in the category of sheer beauty of love comparable from a woman came from someone named IrmaJean on another site I visit. Other than hers, I haven’t come across any comments that compares to what Mesha wrote. Nobody in the history of Em&Lo’s site was more deserving to be spotlighted with a comment of the week than Mesha. As far as I’m conscerned, she deserves the highest praise and should receive not only comment of the week but of the month, the year, the century. Her comments were really that wonderful and inspirational. Sadly, nobody else replied and Mesha’s beautiful writing was ignored by Em&lo’s readers. I don’t know if Mesha is either married of has a boyfriend, but, if she does have a man in her life, he has got to be the luckiest man on the face of the earth to have such a wonderful woman in his life. Millions of lonely men would give up their right arm to have a special lady like Mesha in his life.

    1. Well if you believe in what she wrote you’ll STOP posting about YOUR PAST! Stop thinking about your flaws! Stop going to those fucking useless small dick forums….all they are doing is making you more aware of your problem.

      Here’s what one woman wrote on a small cock forum. It’s a great post but pay real attention to what she says about the qualities of her boyfriend.
      “Im going to share my experience. I’m a 35 y old female. Throughout my active sex life, I had only encountered the average 5-6+ inch penis. It was a size I was used to, sex was always pleasurable, sometimes it could hurt, but nothing intolerable. Well, my current boyfriend is from my guess between 3.5 – to right under 4 inches AT BEST. I will say that the very first time we were intimate, I was surprised by the size. I actually thought in my head, is that it? BUT the experience was not bad at all and his foreplay was so incredible that I still enjoyed it. Now, after being intimate several more times and I got over that notion about size, the sex has been INCREDIBLE. There are factors here that make it incredible so let me explain. He knows he is small, but he never makes a big deal about it. His lack of insecurity is definitely noteworthy. He has incredible foreplay skills, I can often orgasm between 1-3 times before penetration. Lastly, his smaller size helps to hit my sweet spot directly and continously, whereas bigger sizes skim past and sometimes miss that spot or are unable to apply a direct hit of sorts. When my bf’s hits that sweet spot, it will hit for the whole session which gives me leg quivering orgasms that I continue to think about at all day the next day. So in my opinion, 3 things have worked for me to learn that “size really doesn’t matter” 1. Have confidence. 2. Excell in foreplay 3. Find the sweet spot and work it.”

      You won’t develop confidence reading the sad stories of small dicked guys, you’ll only become more depressed.

      1. Unfortunately, just as I predicted, you decided to deliberately follow me around this site and post replies to me even though I clearly stated that they were unwanted and unwelcome. That is what an internet troll does. Each time you do that, I will just reply that I am ignoring you.

        1. Of course you’ll ignore me…just like you’ll ignore anything that might help you. Instead you roam the internet looking for validation of why women hate your small penis. Instead of seeking help you seek ways to more deeply ingrain your psychosis.

  2. I absolutely love Mesha’s comments. They were just so sweet and beautiful. In all of the thousands of comments on that blog, Mesha’s comments were the best I read from any of the women and was so heart-warming. Thank you Mesha for being the loving, compassionate, sweet woman that you are. The greatest gift that a man could ever receive is having such a special lady like you in his life. I wish there were more women out there like you. If there was, there would be a lot less lonely men.

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