Do It Tonight: Blindfold Your Partner (Or Yourself)

The blindfolds that comes free with transatlantic flights are sometimes printed with the phrase “forty winks” — and we think we know what kind of winks they’re talking about. Who hasn’t stuffed a complimentary blindfold into their carry-on and thought, “Ooh, I should use that sometime”? But, really, you should.

You can go high-end with a gorgeous silk number from LELO, or more low-key with a soft and comfortable one in basic black for only $12 from GoodVibes. Seriously, everyone should have one of those handy in their nightstand. Even if you’re feeling particularly broke or need something in a pinch, you can always go DIY with a cotton scarf or tee knotted to the side of the head for comfort. (It just won’t look quite so sexy.)

Blindfolds help you get in the mood if you’re trying something new and are feeling shy. Maybe you want to spank your boyfriend but don’t want him to see you until you’ve perfected your swing. Maybe you’re role-playing and find it easier to get into character if you can’t see that your “doctor” is wearing her stethoscope back to front. The list goes on…

And a blindfold is a great way to heighten sensation. It adds an element of surprise (especially pleasant when receiving oral) and makes everything feel more. You know how your radio always sounds louder after you’ve turned off your bedside light? Yeah, it’s like that, except it’s not KROC; it’s sex! And it feels like it’s turned up to 11.

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  1. well my wife the host a shared with a young hung stud and we have talked about blindfolding her she likes the ideal so I think I will start looking hi young hung stud to give her what she needs I think this this weekend

  2. I tried blindfolding my wife for the first time the other night and she loved it. They say when you lose one of your 5 senses the other ones go up a notch! That might explain why it feels so much better!

  3. I’m all about the sensory deprivation. I find blindfolds are especially effective when twinned with a pair of headphones belting out loud music. Hear no evil, see no evil and if they’re too noisy, they’ll speak no evil either 😉

  4. Blindfolds are a must for us when we play “tie up”. I like to be blindfolded so that I can not see what my husband is going to do next to me. Being bond and blindfolded is really the hite of surprise for us, we never know what the other is going to do.

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