Take the Long Way Home to Your Orgasm

Most people have that one, fail-safe way that gets them from point A to point O quickly and directly, scenic lookout points be damned! And when you’re busy or tired (read: every minute of every day), it’s easy (and understandable) to resort to that surefire orgasm route on the rare occasion you do get around to doing it.

But the next time you have a bit of down time (make the time if you have to), whether you’re alone or with a partner, give yourself at least 30 minutes — okay, 20 — to try to climax in a different way.

Because the more ways you can train your body to have an orgasm, the less chance your orgasm has of ever getting old, and the better chance you have of achieving orgasm under any positive circumstances.  Yes, having the same-old same-old orgasm may be a first world problem, but it’s one that is definitely fun to try to solve.

Here are some suggestions for how:

But don’t worry if you haven’t gotten to O-town before your “allotted” time’s up. Here, we’re reminded of some great dialogue from an obscure, deep-deep 80s movie, one of Jennifer Connelly’s first — Seven Minutes in Heaven — in which orgasm is described as exquisite relief from torture. Why torture? Because it’s it’s real torture not to have the orgasm. So why torture yourself? Because it feels so good to almost have it.

See? The journey is 90% of the fun!

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