Em & Lo’s Sexy Holiday Gift Guide: $100 Edition

This is the fourth installment of our five-part series on sexy gift giving this holiday season. We started with the affordable gifts around 10 bucks, moved onto $20 fare, followed by gifts priced around $50, give or take a ten or two. Now we’re at the $100 mark. (Stay tuned for the $150+ edition.) They’re not all sex toys, so you’re sure to find something for every adult on your shopping list!


1. For the photographer:
“Helmut Newton: SUMO”
A 464-page tribute to one of the 20th century’s most influential, intriguing and controversial photographers.


2. For the voracious reader:
All New Kindle Paperwhite
Its new, higher resolution display (300 ppi) now has twice as many pixels; its exclusive font, hand-crafted from the ground up, allows for faster reading with less eyestrain. There’s a built-in adjustable light and no screen glare, even in bright sunlight. And a single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours. That’s lots of erotica to read!


3. For the super-organized:
Fellowes Saturn SL 9.5 Inch Laminator (5213201)
Turn it on and it’s ready for some hot lamination with its 9 1/2-inch entry in just minutes, aw yeah.




4. For the facial hair grower:
Colonel Conk Complete 8-Piece Shave Kit

Also comes with a chrome-plated bowl, soap dish (with shaving soap), badger hair brush, and stand.


5. For the uninitiated:
LELO’s Alia Personal Massager
A my-first-vibe that’s small, elegant, discreet, beautiful, with a gold accent that’s perfect for this gift-giving season.


6. For the core-challenged:
Gaiam Balance Ball Chair
Designed to build a healthier back, align the spine, relieve pain, and improve your overall well-being — all while surfing internet porn!


7. For the dirty bird:
Kohler’s Moxie Showerhead with Wireless Speaker
Turn  your shower into a disco pick-up scene.


8. For the light-sensitive:
Philips 800136 Hue Go LED Lighting
Forget the candles, use this portable, programable lamp with 16 million colors and tunable white light to set the mood. Through your smart device, set timers and alarms, connect to a variety of apps and dim the light.


9. For the humorous hipster:
Opposuits’ Red Devil 
If you want to get technical, it’s a costume. But unlike typical costumes, it’s not meant to be disposable: it has real suit pockets both inside and outside, lining, buttons, belt loops — all the little details like you would expect from a normal boring suit. Plus, it’s machine washable. They have many other fabulous patterns, including snowflakes, bats and marijuana leaves.



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