Comment of the Week: Attractive Women ARE Hard to Get

Johnny had some pick-up-artistry knowledge to drop on the recent article “Do Men Play Hard to Get?” in which the author argued that the popular girls in high school play that particular game, well, hard:

I don’t think those popular girls were “playing.” Up there at the top of the pile, they ARE hard to get. They don’t have the time or the desire for 98% of the men who want them and express it by “throwing themselves at their feet.” That grosses women out. They don’t want some supplicating worshiper. Instead, they want a guy who’s their equivalent, romantically. Besides, calling it “playing” gets two things wrong:

1. It implies that this is a game, and games can be won. But in fact most men she appears aloof to will stand no chance, ever.

2. It trivializes what a woman is protecting about herself while swatting away men. From her pride, to her precious time, all the way up to her physical safety, there are good reasons not to give the time of day to the majority of guys who want her.

Playing hard to get doesn’t work except for the very hottest of men, because women generally won’t subject themselves to the frustration and embarrassment of a prolonged, unrequited pursuit. Treat a woman like she’s unwanted and she’ll turn her back on you with a “harrumph,” never to express interest again.

A man’s game is “easy to get, hard to keep.” THAT’S how you get a woman to go nuts over you. Withdraw a little AFTER you’ve been “gotten.”

I’ve had those bullshit-free, “I like you and you like me, let’s do this” relationships. They’re wonderful and I wish they could all be that way. But let’s face it, some situations take a bit of guile.

Do you play games of guile?
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  1. I’m not sure this applies to just attractive women but also women with a lot going on in their lives – they are going to be less bothered with 98% of men because they have more important things going on…

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