How to Know When to Invite a New Partner to Thanksgiving

In response to Your Call: Why Didn’t He Invite Me to Thanksgiving?, Natalia encourages everyone to get into the holiday spirit: 

I think that mostly of us are forgetting one very important detail: We are talking about a person who will spend the Thanksgiving day ALONE.

Many commenters have said “Well, it would be weird to invite someone too soon,” or “The family will maybe take it wrong the wrong way.” I understand this instinct, because I have a big family that always assumes any boys around me are my serious boyfriends. The easiest way to describe my family is like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” — yes, that awkward! 

But honestly, I wouldn’t let someone I know spend a special date alone. I’d prefer to suffer through an awkward moment instead of leaving that person feeling lonely and miserable. In fact, I did it one year with a friend (a boy) on Christmas. It was weird in the moment, and it was weird when my relatives asked for him the next year, but at least he had a good day.

[Note: this comment was edited for clarity]

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