LELO Offers Trojan & Durex Its New Condom Design Plans for $1 Mil

Say it in a Dr. Evil voice: One million dollars.

LELO-HEX_FullThat’s the amount the benevolent geniuses at LELO are requesting for access to the innovative technology behind HEX, LELO’s forthcoming revolutionary condom (due out in August, they estimate). It’s an exclusive offer extended to the three largest condom manufacturers: Durex, Trojan, and Ansell. Their hope is to share the love, as it were, with condom makers who provide a vital product to the masses; in crasser terms, they want to light a fire under their asses to start innovating again!

After all, it’s been 70 years since the miraculous reservoir tip was introduced. Besides a few added textures, it’s been nothing but cricket chirps in the condom engineering lab ever since. (HEX features a revolutionary new hexagonal latex web that increases pleasure while significantly reducing slippage and breakage.)

LELO has cheekily added this offer to HEX’s IndieGogo campaign as their premiere sponsorship:

indiegogo offer

Within a week of launching their fundraising campaign, LELO has sold over 500,000 condoms, reaching a whopping 2148% of their $12,000 goal with over $250K in sponsorships at the time of this writing.

LELO even took the HEX campaign to the streets of Slough, the home not only of the UK’s original “The Office,” but also the headquarters of Reckitt Benkiser (who own Durex and roughly 40% of the $3.9 billion global market for condoms). In the last week and a half, LELO HEX took over the town with posters, billboards and ad vans, spreading the message that ‘the condom is out of date’ and that the time for change is now, essentially challenging the company to invest more in innovation:


Not sure a public shaming is the best way to get a company to hand over a cool mil, but it sure is a fun way to try!

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