Our Favorite #MensRightsMovies on Twitter This Week

Every now and then, a hashtag comes along that renews our faith in the Twitterverse. The latest, #MensRightsMovies, cracked us up. Who knew so many people out there are thinking about equality and feminism this early in the day on a random Tuesday in October? Yay, Internets! Thanks to @jaythenerdkid for kicking off the meme. Here is a list of our favorites so far…

jay, lawful evil ‏@jaythenerdkid
Lord of the Friendzone: Fellowship of the Nice Guys #mensrightsmovies

Drew Bowie ‏@Drew_Bowie
Girl, Interrupted By A Man Who Knows Better #mensrightsmovies

Drew Bowie ‏@Drew_Bowie
I’ll tell you What Women Want #mensrightsmovies

Karen Pickering ‏@ThatPickering
You’ve Got Male Privilege #mensrightsmovies

a rad ƒïεnd ‏@ardvarc
Belittle Women #mensrightsmovies

Karen Pickering ‏@ThatPickering
I’m Afraid of Virginia Woolf #mensrightsmovies

Destroy Him My Robot ‏@r4v5
Negging Sarah Marshall #mensrightsmovies

Arturo R. Garcia ‏@aboynamedart
My Dinner With Misandry #MensRightsMovies

ncPOLTERgeist ‏@nczeitgeist
You’re Goddamned Right Boys Don’t Cry #mensrightsmovies

James Yates ‏@chicagoexpatjy
White Men Can Jump to Faulty Conclusions #MensRightsMovies

SCAREbrarian ‏@scifibrarian
Dial M for Misandry #mensrightsmovies

The Untimely Gamer ‏@untimelygamer
Driving Misandry #mensrightsmovies

Fangled Breen ‏@GuildedLady
What About Bob? He’s a Nice Guy #mensrightsmovies

SCAREbrarian ‏@scifibrarian
Raging Bullshit #mensrightsmovies

Brendan Collins ‏@BCollzy
12 Angry Men Who Have Feelings Too. #mensrightsmovies

Benedict ‏@realpigasus
The White Knight Rises #mensrightsmovies

Yasmina Banaszczuk ‏@miinaaa
Majority Report #mensrightsmovies

Katie Hegarty ‏@HegartyKatie
Three Men and a Child Support Payment #mensrightsmovies

Jessica Valenti ‏@JessicaValenti
Eternal Sunshine of the Misandrist Mind #mensrightsmovies

Carolyn ‏@carolynlb
Snow White and the Seven Beta Males #mensrightsmovies

J. Chlebus ‏@J_Chlebus
10 Things I Hate About You Women #MensRightsMovies

Apollo ‏@thisisapollo
Fedora The Explorer #mensrightsmovies

Jessica Valenti ‏@JessicaValenti
12 Angry Men (on Reddit) #mensrightsmovies

Mark Duval ‏@MarkDuval
Sexual Objectification Actually #MensRightsMovies

Mark Duval ‏@MarkDuval
Who Slut Shamed Jessica Rabbit? #MensRightsMovies

The Poly Pagan ‏@Falcc
My Big Fat Greek Negging #mensrightsmovies

The Miniaturist ‏@zenpalette
Guess who’s cooking dinner? #mensrightsmovies

jay, lawful evil ‏@jaythenerdkid
Field of Wet Dreams #mensrightsmovies

Sam Killermann ‏@Killermann
Dude, Where’s My Patriarchy? #mensrightsmovies

Jim ‏@mrjimwebster
Dr No Means Yes #mensrightsmovies

MJK ‏@mjkerrigan91
Let the White One In #mensrightsmovies

Jason Fraser ‏@opasx
Eat, Prey, Love #mensrightsmovies

Mark ‏@clothedvillainy
Attack of the 50-foot Career-Focused Woman #MensRightsMovies

Hublowe’en ‏@hubbit
Supermansplainer #mensrightsmovies

The Poly Pagan ‏@Falcc
American History Xplained Slowly To Women Teaching A Class On It #mensrightsmovies



  1. First, I am going to have to strongly disagree with your statement that feminism’s work is “done.” We still have legislatures rolling back access to reproductive health care, we still have pay inequity, and we still live in a culture that puts the onus on women to not get raped and blames them when they do, just to name a few things. So I think feminism’s work is far from done.

    Again, I agree with you about the tone of a lot of what’s on the internet – but that’s because it’s the internet, not because it’s feminism or men’s rights. Pick any movement, start reading blogs, and you are going to find extremism. The nature of internet posting seems to bring out the worst in people. But to judge a whole movement by worst of what you read from it is a little short sighted, in my opinion.

    I read this blog for largely the same reasons you do. And this is one of the very few places where I choose to read and post comments, precisely because the commentary here is almost always thoughtful, rational, and respectful, and it lacks the screaming you see on most sites.

  2. Aw shucks, Johnny. Regarding some of your points about feminism: we wouldn’t want to agree to disagree with anyone else! Regarding your taste in blogs: it’s excellent! Thanks for keeping our comments ever interesting. xo

  3. … about that hate thing: it’s the same reason I can’t read mens’ rights boards, even though they too have some legit points to make.

    Most of those guys hate one specific woman who screwed them over, and that feeling has spilled over into their view of all womankind. Same with the big-name feminists. I really get the sense that they hate masculinity, if not all individual men. What I see is not political discourse for the greater good – I see deep-seated personal issues manifested as anger toward another group. Kinda like racists do. Except – as the MR crowd is quick to point out – you’re allowed to rage at white men as a group.

    I don’t want to start an inter-blog war, so I’m not gonna name any specific blogs; but if you took some of these feminist and mens’ rights blogs and replaced certain words with others – replace “men” with “Jews” for example, or “women” with “blacks,” you’d think you were reading some nutjob’s disturbing screed.

    Unfortunately, most like-minded readers aren’t consuming serious feminist scholarship. They’re consuming that sick-in-the-head crap.

  4. I agree with feminists a lot of things, true, but I’m able to make up my mind point-for-point without signing up as a member of a movement. I also disagree vehemently with a lot of what today’s feminists say. Same way I feel about the mens’ rights crowd.

    I think feminists have won their war. It worked. Women are in. There will still be skirmishes, but for the most part, I think their most important work has already been done.

    I’m just not impressed with what’s left. Most overtly feminist publications are nothing but shrill screaming and name-calling. I mean, look at that list up top. There are some pretty big names weighing in (J. Valenti, for example), and in my opinion what you see up there is the best they’ve got to offer: inane memes.

    One reason I read Em & Lo consistently is that I consider them feminist rational centrists – calm and reasonable voices in a room full of screaming imbeciles. I can actually read stuff about the feminine/feminist perspective on here without feeling hate oozing from every word. I don’t agree with every word, and I know they wouldn’t agree with everything I think, but at least there’s greater maturity here than on any other feminist blog I’ve seen.

    … that, and Em & Lo indirectly got me laid a lot back in the day by writing the Nerve dating profile template. For that I am eternally grateful.

  5. You can’t be serious about feminism being “just snarky name-calling and pandering.” Sure, a lot of the crap people post on the internet claiming to be feminist might be just snarky name-calling, but that’s true of general internet conduct in general, regardless of the topic. Just look at the comments section of any news site. It’s pretty insulting to reduce a movement that has worked monumental, albeit insufficient changes to our society to nothing but name calling. And I read your posts, Johnny – you do participate in it. You consistently express some decidedly feminist views. 🙂

    As to men’s rights, I have had minimal exposure to it, but what I have encountered smells like the same old backlash in a different package.

    But I do agree with your general sentiment that the tweets above are pretty stupid.

  6. See, this is why I don’t participate in mens’ rights or in feminism. It’s all just snarky name-calling and pandering.

    I have no problem with women, and women seem to have no problem with me, and I just roll my eyes when both sides of the boys vs. girls fight start screaming.




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