Poll: How Do You Define Sex?

“We had sex.” Upon hearing a confession like that, most people would automatically assume the word “sex” in that sentence means intercourse. If you heard that confession, what would it mean to you? Did you buy Bill Clinton’s claim that he “did not have sex with that woman,” based on your definition of the word “sex”? MVP commenter Johnny recently outlined his own definition, which inspired this poll (his answer is the second option below). So let us know what you think — choose the definition below that best aligns with your own opinion, whether real-world or aspirational:

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One Comment

  1. Clinton would have been better off if he had said, “I did not have sex…” Most people at the time would have taken sex to mean the ol’ PiV. Instead he said, “sexual relations,” which people considered a much more debatable term that could include almost any carrying on of a sexual nature.

    Come to think of it, Clinton may be the father of the contemporary “what is sex?” debate.

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