1. All this talk of “use” and “abuse” is ridiculous, and reveals the psychiatric bias of much of today’s health-related social science. The fact is, “use” is a neutral term, whereas “abuse” includes within in a value judgment – a moral judgment, so to speak. And why is this value judgment pronounced as part of the definition, without the merest hint of justification? Think about it. There’s a very fine line between avoiding pain and pursuing pleasure. Don’t forget this when you hear the anti-drug propaganda. They think their perspective is so self-evidently true. In actual fact, it is ludicrous. Perhaps there are valid social reasons to keep some drugs (e.g. Heroin) from being sold as regular commodities, but POT? Come on…. Alcohol is worse, hands down, and since it is basically the only psychoactive substance legally available, we are being driven to drink.

    I don’t know how many of you have tried it, but having sex whilst stone is a wonderfully sensual experience. Anyone who wishes to interpret this opinion as meaning that I am incapable of enjoying sex without being stone, needs to get their faulty thinking in check. Pure non-sequitur… let’s leave it at that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Sorry guys – I’m well on my way to becoming a mental health professional – though not working specifically with subtance abuse issues (and honestly, I have no intentions of being able to write prescriptions either, but that’s a whole other discussion). So – I read it in the way my education has taught me to. According to what I’ve learned, what you guys are describing is Dependence. When it gets to the point that you can’t function without it – it’s dependence. Abuse has to do with why you’re using and how much you’re using. Using a prescription pain pill prescribed to you to avoid pain – not abuse. Using someone else’s prescription pain pill (or your own) because you want a heightened sexual experience – that’s abuse. Taking illegal drugs such as Marijuana, Coke or Heroin for the high? Yup, that’s abuse. Abuse does not HAVE to mean there is a dependence issue.

    And for the record, I got that Em and Lo were using the word in a silly way. I was just answering Conrad’s assertion from my perspective.

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