Help, I’m a Woman Who Orgasms in Her Sleep!

Dear Em & Lo,

I have been having orgasms in my sleep since I was a small kid. I have always thought there was something wrong with me because you only really hear of men having wet dreams, not women. And now I’m 26 and I still have them at lease once or twice in a month, sometimes multiples in one night. What the hell causes this? I ain’t mad about it of course, just curious as to why. Please help?

Yours truly,
Sweet Dreams


Dear S.D.,

This is what we like to call a good problem. Plenty of women enjoy nocturnal orgasms — not as many as men who do, which is why we generally think of this as a guy thing — but believe us, this is a normal occurrence for gals (similarly, it’s totally normal not to have them). There are several possible reasons for this: a sexy dream, good genital blood flow, sexual tension, a healthy sex drive… Nothing that needs to be “fixed.” As long as you’re not literally losing significant sleep over this, then just enjoy it — and be grateful you probably don’t have to clean up afterwards like the guys do!


Em & Lo