Study: Housework Increases Sex No Matter Who Mops

porn_for_women_houseworkphoto from Porn for Women

It’s long been a given in the sex advice biz that dudes who break out the vacuum cleaner every once in a while are more likely to get laid. Even some guys who look for the Best Robot Vacuum cleaner have a good chance of getting some. Having a partner interested in taking part in the cleaning shows their level of commitment to the relationship and the respect they have for their partner. It also shows their own personal hygiene and gives women a glimpse of what will be in store for them should they decide to continue with the relationship. Of course, there are other reasons too.

We typically fight such Men-are-from-Mars-Women-are-from-Venus stereotypes, but we’ve heard too much anecdotal evidence to ignore this one. It’s not that watching a man iron is an actual turn-on — though there are exceptions, of course — but more that many women find it hard to get in the mood for sex if they’re annoyed that their partner isn’t pulling his weight in the domestic chores department. For these women, accessing the libido is a matter of clearing the deck of all potential distractions — clutter in the room, to-do lists, a buzzing Blackberry, body image issues, dirty dishes, petty spousal frustrations, etc. But it turns out that it’s not just guys who should mop a little more often: A new study has found that, for men and women alike, the more housework you do, the more likely you are to have sex with your partner.

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  1. Sharing rules! And, hey, it’s hard to break out of certain gender roles if they’re automatic. (Yet another reason the First Couple article made me smile: they do the equality thing sensibly.)

    And to quote “Free to Be You and Me,” on house work…

    “…do it together!”

    I wonder if Carol Channing played up the double entendre from personal experience.

  2. Thank you for saying it like it is in the first paragraph! The first (short) posts/articles I read about the this study online had headlines that were all “men who clean have more sex”, and it was never mentioned until the last sentence that this was, oh yeah, by the way, “for men and women alike”.

    (It never fails to amaze me how the results of scientific studies are turned around in favor of more catching headlines by simply leaving out a part of the results and some numbers.)

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