Top 10 Reasons to Love LELO

LELO celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2013, but any time is a good a time to count the ways we love them. They are this site’s major underwriter — which is reason enough to love them! — but we also consider them friends, and it is honestly a pleasure doing business with them. We’d shout from the rooftops about their awesome products even if they didn’t pay us to do so! And so, under no obligation today, we present our top ten reasons to love LELO.

1. Innovation
The sex toy industry has changed immeasurably over the last decade, and LELO has always been out in front of the pack, setting a shining example. Remember when most sex toys were mostly cheap, plastic, gimmicky things that worked as well as funny bachelorette party gags but never actually got the job done? No, neither do we — and LELO is one of the companies responsible for that.

2. Packaging
It sounds like a small thing, but tasteful, elegant, gorgeous packaging of sex toys was kind of ground-breaking when it first began. Presentation makes a huge difference — it means you feel good about giving your partner/best friend/sister/booty call a pleasure object… and they can feel good about receiving it. Sex toys can suddenly make sensual, romantic gifts — and LELO is first and foremost in the industry when it comes to luxurious packaging.

3. Operating Instructions Included
In the bad old days of sex toys (see #1), they were considered “novelty items” and therefore couldn’t include instructions for use. Instead you’d find a tiny printed warning message along the lines of “not intended for actual use” or “for novelty use only.” LELO was one of the first companies to design products that were actually intended for use — shocking, we know! And they weren’t shy about including instructions telling you how to enjoy and care for your products, either.

4. No “Realistically Veined” Penis Substitutes
And yes, that is an actual term in the sex toy world! We love the way that LELO pleasure objects are not afraid to be themselves — they’re not trying to imitate anything else (i.e. most of them don’t even come close to phallic). In fact, if a nosy houseguest or a visiting aunt came across a LELO item in your house, they might just mistake it for coffee table art! (See #9)

5. They’re Rechargeable
Just about all of LELO’s products are rechargeable, meaning they’re good for your body and for the environment.

6. The Nea
You know those perfectly smooth little pebbles that you find on the beach and have to take home because they feel so wonderful in the palm of your hand? Well the gorgeously floral Nea vibrator — one of LELO’s firsts — is like that, except it feels so wonderful in many different places, including between two bodies. It’s powerful, quiet, smooth, strong, and barely larger than a pebble. But the Nea is just the tip of the iceberg: for the past decade+ they’ve been making more and more innovative vibrators and couples’ toys that are pleasing to both the eye and touch.

7. Technology
LELO is constantly refining their products to take advantage of the latest in technology — like the SenseMotion technology employed in the award-winning couples’ massager the Tiani 2.

8. Luna Beads
LELO is the maker of the world’s bestselling Kegel weights system, available in two sizes to ensure that every woman finds the perfect fit for the most effective pelvic floor workout. You know it’s true love when a company doesn’t just care about your orgasms — they care about your pelvic floor health, too.

9. Objects of Beauty
Sure, some sex toys can get the job done without winning any beauty contests — but why shouldn’t they do both? LELO’s pleasure objects are works of art, to admire both visually and sensually .

10. We Like Them, We Really Like Them!
LELO pleasure objects are designed with pleasure in mind, and they get the job done. What more can you ask for in life, really?


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