Truth or Dare for Grownups — Really Lazy Grownups


Truth or Dare has sadly bitten the dust, but you can find lots of other fun adult games at GoodVibes.com.

There’s a reason why Truth or Dare is mostly played by high school kids — because they’re the only ones who are willing to spend hours coming up with creative truths or dares to get their peers more naked, either figuratively or literally. After a hard day at work — or, worse, after a hard day of trolling the help wanted ads in the middle of a recession — who can be bothered to be that creative? Especially when the sex is a sure thing. Which is where “Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion” comes in. The truths and dares are already written for you (so you don’t have to worry about your partner making fun of your idea of a saucy dare) — all you have to do is roll the die.

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