Twitter’s Best Reactions to Trump’s “My Button Is Bigger” Nuclear Threat

Writing the title of this post just created the most unsettling cognitive dissonance: on the one hand President Trump‘s recent tweet boasting about the size of his nuclear button is pure, laughable, infantile, sexual insecurity; on the other it’s a casual threat to the lives of millions of real people living on this planet, indeed a threat to the very planet itself! If this is his idea of how to grow Twitter followers on his account then it’s not a very safe or reassuring way and there are PLENTY of better ways to do it. Then again for Trump any press is good press. I think most of us know he doesn’t really care how we feel when he tweets, only that we spread it far and wide. We all know how many followers Trump has is pretty unreachable for most of us. However, with the help of a service like Twesocial you might be able to get a decent amount!

Our world is at the mercy of the whims of an unstable narcissist with whom Freud would have a field day: Trump’s daddy didn’t love him enough, he’s insecure about his sexual prowess, he wants to fuck his daughter…

While we don’t think penis size is something to be focused on or ridiculed, we do know that insecurity about physical “manliness” can wreak havoc on a man’s mental state. And when the “leader of the free world” (again: Does. Not. Compute!) is so obviously tormented by his own insecurities and insists on displaying them for all the world to see in such blatant, un-self-aware ways, well, people are gonna talk shit.

And that’s exactly what people did on Twitter, using dark, sometime inappropriate, humor (including, we hate to admit it, ourselves). Here are some of the best (or perhaps worst) reactions. Please try not to give up on all hope for humanity:

Em & Lo’s Trump Files

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  1. That horrible feeling when 2 months later, this is still super relevant (in regards to both North Korea and now Russia…)

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