Why Does My G-Spot Feel So Good… Then Hurt So Bad?

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Dear Em & Lo,

When my partner stimulates my G-spot, it starts off feeling incredible. I then slowly feel how it becomes more and more sensitive (even while becoming more sensitive it feels nice), however I eventually come to a point where the sensitivity becomes almost too much too bear. And I feel I need to pull away. It goes from feeling nice, to incredible, to incredible but sensitive to too sensitive. What does his mean? I have never experienced an orgasm before, so I don’t know what it is supposed to feel like. But the sensitivity I feel is to the extreme that I cannnot bare it.I  have tried relaxing and going past the point, but it’s just so sensitive. I don’t understand.

— G-Spotter

Dear G-Spotter,

This is absolutely 100% normal. Some women love having their G-spot stimulated from start to orgasmic finish. Others don’t feel anything at all when their G-spot is located. Others find G-stimulation annoying or even painful from the get-go. And still others — and you obviously are in this category — find it both pleasurable and painful. It’s just part of the way your body works.

The G-spot is actually the area of the urethral sponge (or female prostate) that can be felt and stimulated through the top wall of the vagina, a few inches inside and up toward the navel or the back of the pubic bone. Because the G-spot actually sits behind the vaginal wall, and because G-spot stimulation basically involves pressing on the urethra (and in the vicinity of the bladder), it makes sense that the sensation is annoying or even painful to some women (and just makes others think they have to pee, even when they don’t).

If you’re really interested in exploring the G-spot further, you might try having your partner reach it via intercourse instead — perhaps this will cause less painful sensitivity. You want to focus on shallow penetration and positions that direct the penis toward that spot on your vaginal wall (doggie style often works). Oh, and make sure you pee first, too!

But it could be that you’re simply not built for extended G-spot pleasure, and that clitoral stimulation is the way to go instead. Don’t worry, despite what Freud said, these kind of orgasms are far from inferior! Try experimenting with clitoral stimulation instead — hands, tongue, toys, etc — both during intercourse and outside of intercourse, and see how that works out. The good news is that with clitoral stimulation, you can add man-made lube to help ease any sensitivity issues.

Have any other readers out there experienced something similar with G-spot stimulation? Please weigh in below if so!  In the meantime, you can explore the links below for even more information about G-exploration. But don’t bum yourself out trying — remember, there’s more than one way to float your little man in the boat!


Em & Lo



  1. My wife and i tried the stimulation process and it worked. However, she said after her climax it felt uncomfortable as I lightly continued to massage eventually leading her to climax again. She said it is not painful but uncomfortable after climax. With other stimulation she will continue to orgasm through her g spot. I guess if you have some comfort issues, if it is not painful or severe, it is something you must try to push through?

  2. I will have my g spot stimulated. Almost like a tickling motion then when I feel it building my bf will push upwards further with his finger and I will squirt. I sometimes feel like there’s more bc I still have an urge to pee (even with empty bladder) and ask him to keep going. I find its very sensitive but still needs to be emptied but it begins feeling painful after I squirt. I usually have to wait a little bit before I can continue going. t I wonder if the pain is a way of my body saying its done?

  3. I have had a mixed bag of results from using g-spot stimulation with girls…when I have asked them about it, I have heard the full range that you have described, from mind blowing orgasms to pain and discomfort. Things that I have found that work are mixing oral with g-spot stimulation or mixing between clitoral and g-spot with my fingers. I have also found, when trust levels are high, that when the girl feels the need to “pee” if she is relaxed enough and pushes at this point, that female ejaculation occurs…NOT urination!!!

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