Will Eric Bigger Be The Next Bachelor? He Probably Should Be.

With hometown dates complete, we all said a sad goodbye to “Bachelorette” favorite Dean Unglert and wrapped our brains around the fact that one of the remaining men might be Rachel Lindsay’s future husband (or at least a temporary boyfriend). But more importantly (sorry Rach), one of the men will probably be the next “Bachelor.” Dean is out, since he’s slated for “Bachelor in Paradise.” So we’re left with Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus and Eric Bigger — and Twitter has made their selection. 


Fans of Bachelor Nation took their thoughts online after the hometown episode and campaigned for Eric to be the next “Bachelor.”

Though he got off to a rocky start by getting into it with other men in the house, Eric rightly refocused his attention on Rachel and became one of the strongest contestants on the show.


His hometown date was waaaaay better than any of the other men’s, and we’re all hoping his Aunt Verna will make more cameos. While we’d love to see Eric and Rachel end up together, we all know this show has a way of breaking our hearts.

Besides, wouldn’t being the man that 30 women put their lives on hold to date be the real win?

Here are five things we know about Eric Bigger:

1. He once created a motivational messenger app. 

Eric attempted to break into the app market with his own motivational message app. This is no surprise since fans love the contestant because of his positive personality.

The app was called “Eric Bigger: Successful Living,” and from what I understand, the app would deliver daily motivational messages to inspire people to live better lives.

Soon after, he found success as a fitness instructor and shaved the stash.

2. His Aunt Verna once gave a powerful TED talk.

Aunt Verna, aka Vernā Myers, is a diversity and inclusion expert, speaker, author and founder of The Vernā Myers Company, a consulting group that offers expertise on diversity and inclusion in law offices. She once gave a TED Talk asking people to embrace and walk toward their biases.

So it’s not a surprise she was so popular on the show — or that she talked about Rachel being the first black Bachelorette. I mean, she is an expert.

3. He used to be one of those hot guys that worked at Abercrombie & Fitch. 


While it’s unclear if he was a sales associate or one of the models who stood shirtless outside with cologne samples, Eric posted a farewell to his Abercrombie gig on his Instagram a few years ago. He sweetly called his manager “boss lady,” and used the hashtag “good times” to describe his experience.

4. He actually is super motivating. 


Eric frequently tweets out the kind of inspiring messages that make you want to do more than just Netflix and chill all day.

5. He wrote a book!

After he graduated magna cum laude from Hampton University, he became a published author. Eric wrote “100 Days of Wisdom,” and “Quotes To Shape Your Life.” Motivational speaking is something Eric has been very vocal about wanting to pursue.

 This article by Emily Blackwood was originally published on YourTango.com