1. We can make the active stuff last up to 45 mins but does it count if we fall asleep “connected”? We LOVE to do this on purpose when we are UP to it …. often results in mid-dream continuations …. WOW!
    What is this called anyway? … I can’t seem to “google” the practice!

  2. I think it should not go beyond an hour, coz to me l normally feel like burning down there and my boybriend knows that.But l like it more when on oral sex;caresing, having his tongue on my nipples/vagina…wow its great!Everyone has his/her own ways of satisfying his/her sex.

  3. Madamoiselle L, I think she’s referring to her vagina.

    As for me and my boyfriend, we like to take it really slow and we take definitely over an hour for kissing, hand work, oral on both parties, and then intercourse.

    We do occasionally have quicker sex, like when we wake up in the middle of the night horny or before he leaves for work in the am, but even a quickie for us lasts at least 20 minutes!

  4. What’s a “doodaby?”

    I have a LOT of sexual organs, from a vagina to a clitoris, to labia, to a perineum, to an anus, and my Man has several organs also. If I am missing one, I’d like to know. 😉

  5. My man and I will have intermate moments throughout the day. When we hook up, because we have already set the mood, we can go at it for about an hour or even more. I think average time is 30 minutes. This would not include foreplay.Remember now, the average sex does not always include foreplay.

  6. We always have oral sex beforehand and it runs arounds 20 minutes or so.Then onto making love in and out, up and down I like it to last around 10-15 minutes.Otherwise my doodabby gets WAY too sore.
    Of course hubby wants it to last hours and he can go that long but for me NO WAY!!!!!

  7. For any new commenter on this post, we’d like to recommend that you distinguish between “sex” and “intercourse”, because sex (which can include handwork, oral, intercourse, etc) can last for more than an hour while the actual intercourse-time during that sesh might be only ten minutes. Bravo to those of you who already did so above!

  8. My man and I have event sex. Often it last about an 10 minutes to an hour. But we may have sex several times a night. We are not including foreplay, and mutual oral stimulation. I find it very enjoyable and exciting. Also we have different kinds of sex.. Love making, sex, and f**king the intensity and length depend on what we are doing.

  9. I say “it” should last as long as necessary for both of us to reach satisfaction…whether 20 minutes or an hour.

  10. My guy and I like to go crazy for up to four hours. We incorporate oral, spanking, intercourse, bj’s, anal and all different positions. It’s amazing and mind-blowing. The best I’ve ever had! We can’t get enough! If you switch it up you don’t get sore, and of course, Ky is a life saver!

  11. I personally like for sex to last more than an hour. No matter the time of day. The more times the better and the longer it lasts the more we are pleased.

  12. -__- the first tme for me was about 5 or 6 minutes. i was utterly unsatisfied. the next guy lasted longer, but not long enough for me. maybe i’m just greedy ? :/

  13. Yeah – I am with Madamoiselle L. Honestly, we don’t really start with “foreplay” and then move to intercourse and be done. It’s all sex, and honestly, sometimes oral feels better after some intercourse. But I would say the penis-in-vagina part lasts about 30 minutes during longer sessions, 10 minutes during shorter ones. Every once in awhile we will have a marathon sex day where it’s more than that, or a super quick quickie where it’s less. But really – it’s all just sex to me…

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