Your Call: What’s a Good Term for Those Who Date Much Older People?

About a week and a half ago, a reader responded to a post about the charming new term “hyena” being used to describe sexually aggressive teen girls:

Have they come up for a term for younger girls who date much older men, or even something besides cradle-robber, for older men who date younger women? I’d like a term for myself besides “baby cougar” because that implies that at 19 I date 12 year olds… and that’s just gross. [Btw. my boyfriend is 28, and I’m a vocab nerd so a new term would be AWESOME!]

Do you have any ideas? Something positive that suggests these women aren’t simply shallow gold diggers but may actually prefer the more mature company of guys who are older and wiser would be nice. Even better if it’s a term that could apply to both women and men who date older. And if you’ve got a replacement for “craddle robber” and “cougar” — again a kinder, gentler term that could apply to both men and women who like dating younger — let’s hear it! Leave your suggestions in the comments below or email them here.


  1. I’m a hyena I’m dating a cradle-robber and he’s sexy. we just ordered Ben Wa balls and on Friday we r ordering remote control vibrating panties.

  2. I’m 21, I usually go for guys around 30
    It’s different as I used to stick to my age, it’s a pleasant change as they usually are more mature and have this Alfa male vibe about them, makes me feel so secure.

  3. Alphamagamia. – Attraction to an older person. Can also mean someone (not necessarily female) married to a much older partner.

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