5 Easy Ways to Talk Dirtier Tonight

Dirty talk can terrify even the most seasoned sexual adventurer—people are afraid of sounding stupid or afraid of like a pornstar… or perhaps they’re afraid of not sounding like a pornstar. But when you break it down, dirty talk is actually much simpler and more approachable than you might think. Here are five easy ways to try it out:

1. React to What’s Happening
If something feels good, say so. Start with moans and sighs (they count, too!), or a breathy repetition of your partner’s name, and work up to “Yes!” or “That feels good” or “I love it when you do that”—and eventually you can build up to “I love it when you [BLANK] with your [BLANK].”

2. Ditch Your Thesaurus
Speaking of the [BLANK]: As a general rule, the more words a term for the genitals contains, the more likely it is to induce giggles or a wince. On the other hand, you probably want to steer clear of terms that a gynecologist or urologist would use—penis, vulva, vagina, etc. (kind of a buzz kill!). You’re safest sticking to the casual basics for his junk, i.e. cock or dick. For her, if you’re comfortable with pussy, then go for it. Or, you could just work around specific terms and simply substitute “you” and “me” instead, e.g. “I want you inside me”; “You feel so good on top of me”; etc.

3. Compliment Your Partner
Compliment each other’s body parts, compliment the way a partner feels or looks or smells or sounds, tell them how sexy it is when they climax, tell them how turned on you get when they moan, and so on. In context, you’d be surprised how dirty this all sounds.

4. Ask Questions
“Do you want me to [BLANK]?” “Do you like that?” “How does that feel?” “What do you want me to do with my [BLANK]?” “Does that feel good?” “What do you want me to do next?” “What would turn you on?” “What do you want to do to me?”

5. Give Directions
“Touch me here.” “Kiss me there.” “Take off your clothes.” “I want you to come.” “Close your eyes.” “Turn over.” “Leave that on.” “Put your hand here.” “Don’t move.” “Don’t stop.” “Please don’t stop.”

Whatever you say, make your voice a little lower and softer or huskier than your regular voice. This will probably come naturally—kind of like how your voice automatically gets higher when you talk to a baby—and the more you do it, the more naturally it will come. Now get out there and verbalize!

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  1. Number 5 was the most important tip, so many people take the basic communication for granted. Unless you have two mind readers hooking up, you’ve got to convey how you want your partner to pleasure you. I blame most break ups on a lack of communication.

  2. GREAT ARTICAL !!!! I loved it, taps into real life and well done. My wife and I always use these special little words what a turn on. All I have to say to the writer is “You nasty little @%&$! keep up the good work.

  3. Wow “sexual being” to say that “the only one who’ll benefit from this article are five year olds” is sick on your behalf…

  4. Wow..great article but…if you do not like it..it becomes simple…DON’T READ IT…gives a lot of little quips to the ladies…go for it..lets hear more..


  5. SB… if you don’t like what they write then why in the hell do you even come to this site? And for that matter if they aren’t good writers (which it is clear to see that they are)then lets see something that you’ve spent your time writing and be brave enough to post online… the world is waiting with breath that is bated.

  6. Well, that was sort of harsh. It could be expanded, but the article was about “easy” ways to talk dirty.

  7. This is the worst article I have ever read on any subject. Please don’t ever write anything ever again. You have contributed nothing to the sexually active community. The only people who would benefit from this article are five year olds. Please, please, PLEASE quit this job and go on a journey of self discovery. You are not a writer.

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