10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

The vagina is a sensitive little thing, but there are some easy ways to nurture it – while these tips aren’t guaranteed to ward off problems like yeast infections and UTIs, they’ll certainly help:

1. Always Pee Right After Sex

Especially if you’re prone to urinary tract infections. If you’re especially prone, consider showering after sex, too.

2. Wash Your Vagina at Least Once a Day

Use a mild soap (no scents down there!) and dry off thoroughly afterward — though steer clear of talc, which has been linked to ovarian cancer. Bubble bath is a no-no for sensitive vaginas. If you’re wanting to try and keep your vagina as healthy as possible, then you might want to see how products such as these boric acid suppositories and others could keep your vagina healthy, always keep in mind what might work for someone else won’t definitely work for your vagina!

3. Actually, Avoid Any Fragrances Down There

Scented sanitary pads, sprays that are meant to make you smell like a spring meadow — they’re all a bad idea. Your vagina is meant to smell like a vagina, not a field of flowers!

4. Wear Cotton Underpants

Synthetic underpants don’t let you breathe down there, which may lead to infection; all-cotton is much friendlier. Sleeping or walking around the house bottomless is even better (though be warned that your other half may find this behavior “romantic”).

5. Stay Hydrated

Your mom was right: drink lots of water, especially if you drink a lot of coffee, and especially if you’re prone to UTIs and other lady infections.

6. Eat a Healthy Diet

Too much sugar and refined carbs can make things smell a little funky down there, and can even lead to infection.

7. Always Wipe Front to Back

We’d hope this one goes without saying, but you just never know these days. If you wipe back to front, then microscopic fecal bacteria (yum) can spread infection.

8. Use Manmade Lube

The right kind of lube for sex (see our guide here) can cut down on friction, which is the enemy of the sensitive vagina.

9. Go for Regular Checkups

Regular gynecological exams and pap smears are important, because some infections have no symptoms, and only your gynecologist can discover them.

10. Just Say No to Douching

It upsets your natural balance, which may lead to infection. Don’t believe us? Even gynecologists say so.


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