Comment of the Week: When Abuse of Power Is Your Fetish

Leave it to MVP Johnny to get inside the male mind and see that the abuse of power is the turn on for some:

The common denominator I see in all these men – whether they’re rapists like Weinstein or just inappropriate jerks like C.K. – is that they like to venture outside the bounds of the consensual, or at least push those boundaries, regardless of whether they “asked.”

Being a male celebrity comes with a certain amount of very attractive sexual opportunity built in. Pretty much any man who’s been on TV – hell, even for something lame or bad – can parlay that status into consensual sex. Seriously, Louis CK could hang around outside the venue after his HBO special and end up going home with some hot college girl who loves his act. But nooooo, THAT’S no fun. He wanted to come while staring down a horrified colleague.

Which reinforces the axiom that sex abuse has less to do with sex and more to do with abuse. It’s the abuse part that really does it for them.

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