The Difference Between Wearable Couple’s Massagers

Wearable couples’ massagers are really quite unique:  unlike traditional vibrators, they are won inside the body during intercourse and allow both partners to revel in the sensations together.

So let’s take a look at three popular ones from our favorite pleasure makers, LELO. Each of the three massagers below — the TIANI 2, the TIANI 3 and the IDA — incorporate’s LELO’s SenseMotion technology (notice the remote controls!), which allows either partner to easily control the intensity of the vibrations without interruption. The remote even works from up to 39 feet (12 m) away ― much farther away than any other wireless massager!

How can you possibly choose? (That’s a question we get asked a lot.) The key for wearable couple’s massagers comes down to the types of clitoral stimulation most enjoyed by the wearer. So let’s see how the special features of each of these three LELO toys might work for you:


TIANI 2 is the upgraded version of LELO’s first TIANI, lending twice the power to its external arm. At its widest points of the external bulb, it’s roughly 28mm wide and 28mm deep (just over 1”), and due to its shape, offers more targeted clitoral stimulation. TIANI 2 also has two arm attachments: a slimmer one and a slightly larger one so you can choose which is more comfortable for you to wear either during foreplay or intercourse.

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Like TIANI 2, TIANI 3’s external arm extends about 3 inches (80mm) from the flexible bending point. Where it differs is in the shape of the external arm; its squared head offers a much broader stimulation of the clitoris which is best for those who find pin-point stimulation too intense, or do not notice a dominant ‘side’ to their clitoris.


LELO_IDA_MASSAGGIATORE_TELECOMANDATO_NEROIDA  has a wide, rounded disc that serves as an external massager. Its motor is supersized, and the vibrations travel well down the longer internal arm. What makes IDA  perfect for one person and less ideal for the next really comes down to anatomy; it is suited for someone whose clitoris sits lower over the entrance of their vagina, or those who find vibrations focused on their clitoris to be too intense and prefer external stimulations to be dispersed over their vulva.

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