Hot Tip: Add Some Lube to Your Lovin’

Lube gets a bad rap, so we’d like to clear its name here once and for all: Store-bought personal lubricant is not a “crutch.” And reaching for the wet stuff doesn’t automatically mean you’re “not into it,” “frigid” or “kinky.”

For some women, natural lubrication doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with sexual desire (wanting sex) or even arousal (being turned on). Plus, smoking, caffeine, booze, weed, stress, certain days in your menstrual cycle, and cold medicine can all dry you up.

Adding extra lubrication means your sensitive parts can take more and more kinds of stimulation without getting over-sensitive. And we’re not just talking clitorises and vulva here — penises don’t often enjoy totally dry handwork, especially when the working hands aren’t their own. Spit won’t last very long at all. Also, the anus is not self-lubricating, so if you’re into backdoor play, lube is a must.

The bottom line? Lube just makes everything feel even better!

But don’t even think about pulling a Marlon Brando and reaching for the butter (and perhaps not even the olive oil, though some nature lovers swear by it). Oils can degrade latex (i.e. break the condom!) and can also encourage vaginal infections.

So when you’re a friend in need, purpose-made lubricant is a friend indeed.

Don’t have any on your nightstand? We recommend LELO’s Personal Moisturizer — not just because we’re affiliates, but because we’re fans! It’s glycerine-free, paraben-free, unscented, pH balanced for the skin, fortified with aloe vera, water-based  for a non-greasy, non-staining finish, and safe to use with all LELO products and latex.

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  1. There are so many high quality lubes available to maximise your pleasure. No matter what age or sex, you can enjoy warming or cooling sensations for increased pleasure. Don’t skimp on the lube and buy an additive free quality lube.

  2. Jessica, it’s not silly at all. As far as we know, based on lab testing, all kinds of lube used in the usual way don’t decrease the effectiveness of the ring.

  3. Hello-

    Quick lube question. I am on the Nuva Ring for birth control, and I was wondering if using a silicone based lubricant would affect the ring in any way. I think I heard once that it could possibly coat it and make it less effective? Sounds silly, but I like to be as safe as possible. Thanks!

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