How to Split the Bill in 7 Easy Steps

Dates may be cheap but they ain’t never free. So who coughs up?

  1. Whoever did the asking should expect to pay for the date. This is the 21st century, people; it’s so last century to assume the man always gets it.
  2. That said, if you’ve been asked out, you should always assume you’ll be going dutch. Again, this is the 21st century, and splitting the bill is just the most egalitarian thing to do.  (Assuming halfsies will also ensure you don’t end up disappointeded.) So bring cash lest you end up washing dishes.
  3. When the check comes, the one who was asked out should offer to go halfsies — and try to sound like you mean it.
  4. If you end up sharing the bill, split it evenly, even if one of you got lobster. Exact breakdowns are for roomies, siblings, and other people with no plans to get naked.
  5. In a battle of the Amexes, defer to who did the asking (perhaps it’s the miles).
  6. If your date absolutely insists on getting the whole thing, this is your excuse to extend the date: offer to buy cocktails or coffee at the bar across the street.
  7. Though we’d like to believe that everyone knows better by now, we should note that no matter how much your date spends on dinner, you do not owe them a thing in the booty department — not even a kiss.

But how do you get to bill with grace?
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  1. So true. Culture is changing and that means some traditions should change too. Whoever asks for the date should pay is a good real, but the “you don’t owe them anything” point is really important to remember.

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