Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Be Single? Hello, D-Day

According to divorce experts, ’tis the season for hitting Splitsville: every January, 50 percent more divorces are started than any other month. Which makes this past Monday — i.e. the first working day after the holidays — officially Divorce Day: the busiest day of the year for divorce lawyers like this Somerville divorce law firm.

Blame it on couples who didn’t want to spoil Christmas, blame it on post-holiday debt, blame it on the hangover, blame it on bad gift-giving etiquette, blame it on too many days off (i.e. more time with an annoying partner), blame it on Aunt Edna’s Christmas pudding — but whatever you do, don’t blame it on holiday office party nookie. Nope, apparently adultery is cited in just 3 percent of divorce cases these days — compared to 17 percent of cases a few decades back. These days, total lack of sex is more likely to be the culprit, with one in ten married couples claiming to have no sex at all. Yay January! Yay monogamy!

Have you ever tossed out a partner in January along with the bare-limbed Christmas tree and the broken baubles? If so, what made you do it this month in particular? And let’s speculate: which celeb is going to be the first to embrace the spirit of D-Day and wash that enabling/disabling (wo)man right out of his or her hair?


  1. LMAO!!!! Do you think they are really that stupid, or do they somehow deep down want to get caught?

  2. Yes, I broke up with him after the holidays. Why? Because the gift bag that had my present in it had another woman’s name on it. He swore it was my present and he just “grabbed the bag”. Of course, I was stupid enough to believe that they weren’t together. But that was the straw that shattered the camel’s back.

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