20 Naughty New Year’s Resolutions

Here are twenty totally do-able New Year’s resolutions to improve your love life this year. Learn them, live them, love them!

  1. Ask for what you want.

  2. Keep learning new things.

  3. Let go of shame.

  4. Be a stickler about safer sex.

  5. Go for quality rather than quantity.

  6. Don’t hold grudges in your relationship.

  7. Believe in love (and lust) at first sight.

  8. Think outside the box.

  9. Consider the possibilities of household items (neckties, spatulas, etc).

  10. Drop the routine.

  11. Complain less.

  12. Compliment more.

  13. Do your Kegels (men too!).

  14. Send (more) love texts.

  15. Send (more) dirty texts (but no images!).

  16. Invest in at least one high quality sex toy.

  17. Reciprocate.

  18. Make out like you did in high school.

  19. Vow never to use Facebook, Twitter or texting as a means for breaking up.

  20. Watch less TV.


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