The Reverse Coital Alignment Technique (or Reverse C.A.T.)

Yesterday we reviewed the Coital Alignment Technique, a sexual position that involves lots of body contact, slow and steady shifting, and a philosophical readjustment toward intercourse — all designed to increase a woman’s chances of orgasm via penile penetration. (Trust us, it’s sexier than that sounds.) Today, we cover how to flip that C.A.T. upside down and put the woman on top:

Step A

He’s on his back, she lies on top of him face down. His legs are together, hers are just outside of his on the bed, but as close together and straight as possible (she could also try balancing her legs on his). Their pelvises are aligned (hers on top of his), and her ams under his, cupping his shoulders like he does to her in the basic C.A.T. above. The difference here is that fuller penetration occurs when their pelvises are aligned; she gets the shallow penetration and genital stimulation from the base of his penis when she shifts downward in step B immediately below.

Step B

She shifts down his body a few inches by pressing her pelvis down, so his penis shifts out of her a bit and its base stimulates her clitoris.

Step C

Repeat A and B, over and over. In this position, she may feel like she has more control over the speed and range of motion to better suit her physical needs. But if she’s light as a feather, he may need to help add some downward pelvic pressure by pushing down on her bum with his hands – not necessarily a drawback.

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  1. Even better is to have her on top with legs together and his apart. She can squeeze his penis up against her clit. She can slide toward his head to get more g-spot action or tuck her hips down low to go deep or hit the back wall. Being able to really fuck him can boost her libido.

  2. I help teach a sex 101 class…. all of the things that you should have learned in sex ed but didn’t. We have been mainly focusing on anatomy and what nerves to what, benefits of sex, physiology, etc. This will be a good second lecture (we are considering a series since the last one went over an hour). I have to put in here that tilting the pelvis ventrally (ie flexing the spine) will allow both G-spot and A-spot stimulation while the base of the penis and pre-pubic mound will stimulate the clitoris. This works best with a man of average sized penis because one larger can often miss the A-spot and just ram the cervix (which is only fun once things are really taking off for the woman).

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