Top 10 Unsexy Things That Can Improve Your Sex Life

Improving your sex life isn’t always about switching positions or adding more lube or reading erotica (though those things can certainly help, too). Enjoying some sexy videos from sites like ujizz.xxx can also give you some new ideas about how you can spicy up your sex life. But today, here are ten everyday things you can do to improve your sex life.

1. Get a good night’s sleep.
When you’re tired or stressed you feel unsexy and irritable. And have you ever noticed how, after a bad night’s sleep, you’re always disappointed by your reflection in the mirror? Bad body image leads to bad or no sex. Plus, tired people tend to choose more sleep over sex. On the other hand, well-rested people have more energy and feel more positive toward the people around them. And yes, by “more positive” we mean “can’t wait to jump their bones.”

2. Go to the gym.
Endorphins and improved blood flow from exercise mimic sexual desire, which sneakily puts you in the mood. The improved body image you’ll experience after a work-out doesn’t hurt either.

3. Get an STD checkup.
Because knowledge is power and power is sexy and knowing about your own body is the sexiest power there is. It’s just good to know, people.

4. Eat Grape Nuts for breakfast.
Or any high-fiber cereal, really. Fiber keeps everything clean and healthy down there, which means you’l be more comfortable having all your various orifices explored.

5. Get a mani-pedi.
Or a massage or a haircut or anything involving a stranger touching you kinda sensually but not sexually. It’s all about waking up your nerve endings, a.k.a. foreplay, baby!

6. Go on a date to a karaoke bar.
Intimacy in a long-term relationship is great, but it’s easy to take those long-term partners for granted. One way to create a little erotic distance — so you can step back and admire your partner — is to pretend you’re each other’s groupies. Hit me with your best shot!

7. Practice yoga.
Here are five good reasons why yoga improves your sex life. (And no, it has nothing to do with increased flexibility or public orgasms during class.)

8. Ride a rollercoaster.
An adrenaline rush feels an awful lot like getting turned on, physiologically speaking, and there is a natural spill-over effect. Especially if you hold hands during the scary parts! (Horror movies are a slightly more convenient way to achieve the same effect.)

9. Keep a gratitude journal.
At the end of each day, write down three things you are grateful for, no matter how trivial (e.g. an exciting Bachelor finale). You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by (a) how much you have to be happy about, and (b) how this feeling trickles through to your love life.

10. Shower (or take a bath) at night.
After a long day at the office, it can feel like it’s in your pores — the way your cubicle smells, the body odor of strangers on the bus, the greasy sandwich you ate at lunch. Hop in the shower for five minutes and you’ll feel literally refreshed as well as mentally more open to getting naked. As a bonus, a lazy bath can have sensual effect on your nerve endings as a massage or a mani-pedi (see #5).

Now let’s work on getting in the right headspace:
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  1. The best things that we can do to improve our sex life beside increase our health body is to build our helthy mind, that’s where our mood come from. Talking about sex are talking about passion. And mood is play in this roole, so i choose to practice yoga, that is a great way to build our mood.

  2. It may seem odd but watching horror movies can increase attraction between you and your partner! Don’t you just love those arm grasping and fearful moments during the movie. Speaking from experience, this will probably even lead to other things as the night progresses…

  3. Great post and I have to vouch for #8. Let me tell you, get your partner and go to an amusement park for the day. On the way back, make an unexpected stop at a hotel and the sex will be amazing. To heat things up, fondle your partner whenever possible on the rides, but watch out for families and kids!

  4. One option is to have your partner eat celery. Plenty of celery. It sounds strange, but celery boosts an odorless hormone found in male sweat called androsterone. This odorless hormone acts like an aphrodisiac for women, and reputedly a very powerful one. So, if nothing else you can ramp up your own sexual desire by having your partner chow down on celery and boost the levels of this hormone he’s putting out.

  5. About #6 the karaoke bar…

    I highly doubt I would be more sexy to my partner after I screech out the title song from Titanic and scare off every rat, bug and man in the room 🙂

    We are on the same page when it comes to a good night’s sleep and a trip to the gym though.

    – Jen

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