Wise Guys: What Do Men Think About Female Ejaculation?

Advice from three of EMandLO.com’s guy friends. This week they answer the following: “What do men think about female ejaculation?” To ask the guys your own question, click here.

anonymous_suitStraight Married Guy (Figleaf): Good question but hard to answer. I think the most important thing you can say about female ejaculation is that the best-selling book that introduced the idea of G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation, The G Spot: And Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality, has a whole chapter devoted to the principle that “the best is the enemy of the good.” The authors worried specifically that if people obsess over having or (worse, I think) giving G-spot orgasms, they’re likely to wind up disappointed with their ordinary old eye-rolling, breathtaking, toe-curling ones.

I’ve had sex with a couple of partners who “squirt” at least some of the time. And while obviously everyone’s mileage varies, I never got the impression from them that those orgasms were any more enjoyable, or less, than the “regular” kind.

Straight Single Guy (David Grossman): Female ejaculation is the greatest compliment a woman can give to her partner. It doesn’t take much to make a man climax, but being able to make a woman ejaculate is a skill and an honor.

joel_derfner_100Gay Married Guy (Joel Derfner, author of Swish): Ew.

Our “wise guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. David Grossman recently graduated from Stony Brook University in New York; this week’s Gay Married Guy is Joel Derfner, author of Swish; and our Straight Married Guy is Figleaf, the guy behind RealAdultSex.com. To ask the guys your own question, click here.


  1. I am a 41 yr old woman and I just had my first ejaculation yesterday. It was by far the best, mind-blowing experience of my life. I actually had to read on it to find out what is was that I did. Squirting is my new drug. I am addicted and want more of those kind of orgasms… My partner was equally delighted to know that he was indeed my 1st to make me squirt. Now I wasnt to experiment with my partner or by myself to kind that special little button that turned on the water works.

  2. Seriously the first time I ever heard about squirting, I basically made it my mission to learn how to get myself to do it. One of my friends got me the butterfly vibrator for my 20th birthday and after using that a few times it didn’t take me long to learn. So far a partner has never made me orgasm or squirt, but I’m looking to see if someone can push my buttons just right.

  3. My wife started squirting about 4 years ago…she was about 40 at the time. Like Renee’s husband I can’t get enought of it!! It’s just such a turn on not only that I can get her that excited but also that she is comfortable enough to let go. It’s the most amazing thing. It is definitely NOT pee. My wife will squire sometimes 5-6 times in an hour…sometimes it’s just squirt after squite. Usually from rubbing her clit really fast. My wife can squit from both g-spot and clitoral stimulation and after she is really aroused, just from pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts. She doesn’t seem to squirt during intercourse anc can squirt on her own.

    Squirting is definitely real and I am so lucky that my wife can…and that I can to that to her.

  4. I have never squirted. I have had a couple partners ask me for it, but neither of them have ever helped me work toward it. Im not even sure if I have the ability. I have a toy that is meant for G spot stimulation but it doesn’t do much for me besides give me a slight feeling of having to pee. Regular orgasms came easily for me starting at the age of 11, and I guess I thought that if I could squirt it would come just as easily.

    I can’t say that I actively try to do it, I don’t much care for it or feel like I NEED to do it. In my experience, men find it hot because it’s something “different” and then of course there’s the visual aspect of it. Im alright with not being able to/not knowing how to squirt. Haven’t had anyone kick me out of bed for not being able to, so unless someone comes around willing to work with me and help me do it, I am fine with what others may see as a “shortcoming.”

  5. I must say I am 39 years old and I have been squirting since I was 18. I’m married and my husband just can’t seem to get enough of it. Sometimes it happens 3 to 4 times a session. However, it is very messy and I could live without it but my husband loves it. We go through bed linens several a week. It is actually getting to the point that I don’t even need penetration to squirt. Just nipple stimulation. I love my husband and our very sexual relationship. Wet sheets are a small price to pay for an awesome lover and wonderful husband.

  6. I am 57 and had my first female ejaculation last night with my 32 year old lover. Fortunately he is experienced and intuitive and generally wonderful, and I feel safe with him. He has taken me with him into all kinds of new lovemaking experiences. It was different to my usual clit orgasm, but now I have both options. Fantastic.

  7. this is a fabulous convo going on here; im loving it:-P i am now 28 and was luckly “educated” by an exgf at a crisp young age of 18. i was slightly taking back when she gave me 5 seconds warning while laying on my microswade lazyboy (b**ch) lol. she was a “regular” and well intune w her body. i have since been with around 80 women. n i would like to state that just about every woman can do it if the effort and skills are applied.. although there are several contributing factors that lead a successful virgin squirt. most importantly (imo) relaxing and not trying to grab the first orgasmic feeling that comes your neglected way is paramount. but once you have figured out your body it can happen any which way.

    Id like to say F**Kyou/Thankyou to those selfish guys out there not pleasing the population 🙂 did it never occur to them if you take care of the misses the misses will take care of you!!!!??? (brings a tear to my eye)

    women out there PLEEEASE dont be embarrassed, although its not a bad idea giving a new partner the heads up, what comes outta you is not pee and is soooo delicious 😛 BTW i swallow LMAO

    although i cant claim to make every girl squirt in under 30sec like mob. i have a pretty open and educated mind and wouldn’t be against giving lessons..

    IMO a woman hasnt climaxed until she has squirted

  8. To mob…maybe give lessons to those willing to learn 😉 I do agree trusting fully does play a part if in a serious/committed relationship but if not or don’t want one…just for fun someone like mob would be on my speed dial! Lol!!

  9. P.S. bravo “iamtrulove” well stated re: “reader”!! Obvious he hasn’t read enough!! :-[ Also bravo to you guys that love enough to want to please & enjoy it!!

  10. Omg the mixed reviews on this is fascinating & appauling to me. “Reader” I am so glad I don’t know you! You should seriously be embarassed about your lack of knowledge regarding this topic. I feel sorry for any lover you may ever have, if any. Now that I have gotten that off my chest!! Female ejaculation is awesome thing. Every lover I have squirted with have loved it & have said it was the hugest turn on they have experienced. Those of us who have experienced it know how fortunate we are to either have loving or skilled partners who either have knowledge or willing to learn about truly pleasing. I also didn’t know about this amazing “gift” until I had a lover in my 40’s that taught me there was more to an orgasm than the clit. I have since found that some penis’s are perfect for me. Size does matter but too long or too short doesn’t work. The head size to me is what matters & also for me being on top & working it sends me to a whole different level! I can squirt in excess of a dozen or more times providing I’m hydrated. Never in the morning. If my lover doesn’t have that perfect size I have had some lovers who learned to do it manually. It takes practice & trust. I hope that some day this “mysterious” gspot will not be such a debate & every female has lovers or finds lovers or toys to experience the orgasmic pleasure. Open your mind to great possibilities! A closed one is like a closed parachute…you will crash. Trust me…so will your relationship. Signed: happily flooding

  11. I have made my wife squirt many times and I think it is AWESOME. If she doesn’t squirt it doesn’t mean that she isn’t satisfied nor am I. Matter of fact my wife thinks it’s great too that she can do it for me. And if she doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that she wasn’t satisfied. Whether she squirts or not, we’re both always satisfied. For those guys who think it can’t be done or don’t like it then I have only one thing to say to you…shut up because you’re GAY! God Bless you women that can squirt for yourself or for your partner.

  12. Oooooooooo. Just read the post from “reader on June 2nd. I hope you come back to read what a total idiot you are. You obviously have never brought a woman to this level. Sorry for u .. but don’t go spouting off on something you obviously know nothing about. I can gush cup loads over and over and Still go into to the bathroom to pee. Btw. Men can achieve squirting as well. I know .. my lover has..it wasn’t cum. It was squirt.

  13. I’ve alway been highly orgasmic woman… But I had never heard of or had a Female orgasm.(I’m 48.)…until I met the love of my life ….my soul mate…. my sexual equal….. I agree it is the most amazing gift….. I feel so empowered. It’s a whole heightend level of intimacy… I am his Goddesses. His Queen.. When it’s over I am weak and vaulrable and he praises me and loves me tells me how beautiful I am.. often I am brought to tears from the sheer force of exticy. The ability to achieve this has changed me forever…. I hope it will for you all as well. 🙂

  14. Honestly, guys, think about it-could you pee while you are having an orgasm?

    According to hubby, it smells sweet like clover, and I tend to agree with him. If you are interested in doing this, invest in a g-spot dildo and experiment with it. The key for me, however, is TRUST in my partner.

  15. what u guys fail to realize that a soaked mattress is a bitch to dry out, and catching a cold by laying in a cold puddle isn’t so thrilling. sure its nice but isn’t it the same as piss minus the smell. you get a warm sensation and its sorta like being under a sprinkler..or mist machine….or in my case a running bathtub faucet. yea its cool and i like it but i wouldn’t mind limiting it to once or twice a month. and pray my girl doesn’t read this

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