Why Do Men Like to Spank in Bed?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: Why do guys like to spank their partners in bed?Ask the guys your own question here.

james_glazebrook_100Straight Married Guy (James Glazebrook): I really took one for the team here. In the interest of sexual science and sound advice, I carried out some field research with the missus. My findings: I can’t write left-handed; a back makes a good clipboard-rest; and spanking… is…… awesome! No doubt it’s wrong on some level, linked to man’s sublimated urge to dominate women — to punish them, to control them, to baby them (with all the creepiness that insinuates). But hey, it’s fun, it’s harmless (at least when you have my upper body strength), and it works both ways. Any guy that won’t let you spank them — they’re the ones you have to watch out for.

jon_rossGay Married Guy (Jon Ross): While I’ve certainly engaged in the act a few times, performing as both the spanker and the spankee, I can’t really say that spanking really gets me going. However, I am a man and have a few theories about why some like it. It’s pretty simple: power. Without getting too psychoanalytical here, spanking puts the power in our hands, literally. And while most men wouldn’t dream of harming a woman, spanking lets us get out some of that bottled up aggression in a safe, hopefully sexy way! So ladies, if you like it, let ‘er rip! We all you know you hold all the power in the relationship anyway.

chris_diclericoStraight Single Guy (Chris): I’m not sure guys love spanking their partners. Sure, we love spanking if you love spanking, and most guys will do whatever it takes to feel powerful, confident, and manly in bed. Spanking is an easy way to do that. But really, I think spanking is a gateway behavior — an icebreaker to other more adventurous things. It seems to me that spanking, or more accurately, establishing spanking as ok, during sex is one of the best ways to add other fun boundary-pushing “enhancements,” like new positions, dirty talk, facials, photography, etc. I would argue that girls are far dirtier than boys, but far more sensitive to feeling slutty. The fear of being a slut is a barrier to more erotic sex. So you’ve got to ease into things. Spanking is safe but dirty, slightly slutty but cute. I would recommend to any guy looking to add to their sex life to start by spanking and then use that adventurous mood to introduce some other things, whatever unusual thing you are into.

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  1. I like to do it because I like butts! Lucky for me, my wife has a bit of a butt fascination herself. She actually spanked me first. She smacks my ass when I’m about to come. I love the feel of her soft booty in my hands, and the way her cheeks jiggle when I smack them playfully. I think spanking is fun and sexy when it’s with someone you trust.

  2. I love giving a few mild spanks over the knee as erotic play. I do not think I ever left a pink mark. I never spanked without sex.On a few occasions, looking at a lovely bottom and caressing it resulted in my asking if I could have a rain check since the bottom before me was too lovely to spank. Instead, I preferred moving on to, shall we say, the main event. Sometimes with one lover, I would mention what she wanted was on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. As she bent over, I gave a spank on the bottom. She stood up, smiled, and saidto me “How could I have fallen for that?” There was one exception to the above. I became involved with a European lady on an island who had SM sensibilities. I would enter the living room only to find her bent over in the penitent position. I would give her one spank on her well rounded bottom, to which she would reply “Merci” That was a treat! I agree that spanking can lead to more exploration as there is trust gained with a lady presenting herself in a vulnerable position.

    Now as for women suffering and experiencing pain from spankings they do not want, let us call that what it is-domestic violence. Moreover, people are unwise to ask “Well why don’t they just leave?” Such individuals do not understand the powerlessness some women (and perhaps some men}feel living in abusive situations. Bill

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