10 Steps to Winning Valentine’s Day (with Just 1 Trip to the Grocery Store!)

Short on time? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? But still want to acknowledge your undying affection on Valentine’s Day? All it takes is one trip to the grocery store, a little effort, and a lot of love.

1. NO Red Roses!

Go with their favorite flower instead — it’s less cliche, more personal.  

2. Do Your Partner a Favor

Fix something they need help with, organize their junk drawer, wash their car, fold their laundry, mow their lawn . . .

3. Make Dinner Together

No need for reservations at a fancy restaurant (they’re too late to get now, anyway). Get the ingredients for a favorite meal, turn on some good music, and heat things up in the kitchen. Set the table with the good dishes, light some candles, use cloth napkins.

4. Skip the Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates

But that doesn’t mean you forgo the sweets altogether. DO have something decadent & elegant. 

5. Write a “Love List

Love letters can be daunting. But a detailed list of everything you adore about your partner will just flow. And it’ll have the same heart-warming impact. (You can find more detailed instructions HERE.)

6. Or Just Crib from Classic Poetry

Borrow from the best — they won’t mind (they’re dead): Walt Whitman, Edna St. Vincent Millay, e.e. cummings, John Donne, Christina Rossetti… Check out our curated collection of sexy, romantic poetry HERE

7. Draw Your Partner a Bath

Use bubbles, oils or salts. Light some more candles. Wash their hair for them.

8. Give a Great Massage

Who doesn’t love a good body rub? Put on some relaxing music, use oil, and make sure the room is warm. You can learn all the best techniques from our friends at Melt: Massage for Couples (they always have a Valentine’s Day Sale!). 

9. Try Something New in Bed

Like a new toy (LELO.com makes all the best ones), a new technique (know where the PS-spot is?), a new position (have you mastered the C.A.T.?), a new lube, a new condom, anything! Just make sure it’s something you’re absolutely sure they’ll like (because Valentine’s Day is not the time to introduce strap-ons into your relationship). 

10. Cuddle

For longer than usual.

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  1. I agree with skipping the heart-shaped chocolates – regular shaped chocolates are just fine by me!

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