Your Call: Is His Kink Normal?

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Is my kink normal? About 12 years ago a woman I was seeing very casually at the time masturbated me with a pair of her tights wrapped around her hands. Apart from the feel of the soft nylon rubbing against me, the orgasm was the most intense I have ever had. Since then I have longed to have this done to me again. And I’ve fantasized about being masturbated by a woman’s feet clad in tights or stockings.

However, having brought it up with my ex, she found it pervy and unnatural and this was one of the reasons she ditched me after threatening to expose this information on Facebook (I have since blocked her and cancelled my account). Still, it is the one thing I would love to experience again, the so called nylon handjob, or a footjob.

Any ideas on how to approach a future partner about my love for nylons in this regard?

— A Tights Perv

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  1. Yeah, this is a pretty tame kink. Pretty safe and not that crazy. Your ex had every right to not want to participate but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it. She is definitely a bitch for threatening to tattle on you. To me, that would be a big violation of trust. When you bring up to future girls, don’t stress about it. Just keep it casual and don’t treat it like you’re confessing some big, dark secret.

  2. I agree with all of the above comments. Leaving the part about the other woman out might be nice, but your “kink” here really isn’t all that odd. Don’t fret. Listen to what others have said. 🙂

  3. Regardless of whether or not it’s “normal”, it’s totally harmless, a little silly perhaps but also kind of adorable.

    I agree that the ex sounds like a psycho. What kind of partner would refuse to do that for the person they are supposed to love? Seriously, it’s not like you asked to shit in her mouth or something. I think her refusal to just grab a pair of her tights and jack you off once in awhile just goes to show what a selfish person she was, and I think you are well rid of her.

    I agree with Johnny. You should work up to it, especially if this is the only non-vanilla thing you’re into. And for the love of gods, don’t roll it out like it’s some terminal illness. Your kink is something fun your partner gets to do with you, not some terrible news you have to burden them with. Have fun with it.

  4. tights? That’s really harmless. Maybe you could lead up to it by stroking each other with different things and materials. Feathers are pretty cliche for that, I understand.

  5. I have done several handys with my silk panties! Not the whole time, I don’t want him to get sore from too much of a good thing. But it gets my hubs hot, hot, hot!

    You are not a freak. Your Ex was uptight.

  6. Foot fetishism is pretty common. The stocking thing is just your little personal twist on it.

    Your ex is a psycho. Don’t give up on this because of her. Just introduce it to future partners in small measures. First tell her you find feet kinda sexy. Let her wrap her head around that (or maybe she’s already into that too). Work your way up in specificity, getting into the stocking thing once she’s comfortable with feet in general.

    Also, omit the part where a woman 12 years ago gave you the best orgasm ever and you’ve been dying for a replay ever since.

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