The 10 Best Couples Costumes to Repurpose for Roleplaying

What is forbidden in the real world can sometimes make for a fun romp between consenting adults (who’ve explicitly outlined their boundaries and agreed on a safe word). It’s called roleplaying, and there are two components that can really help you get into character: 1) the right outfits, and 2) a backstory with emotional tension, either from a power imbalance, a taboo relationship, or straight-up animosity (bonus points if you can manage all three!). 

That’s why Halloween is a great time to give roleplaying a try — you’re getting dressed up and pretending to be someone you’re not already! Why not keep the drama going after hours in the bedroom? 

As a couple, you just need the right inspiration, in terms of attire and motivation (for example, going as the humorless feminist bookstore owners from Portlandia probably won’t provide the sexual excitement you’re looking for…then again…). So here are 10 great options that should have you living the dream after the costume party. 

Please note: These are not always politically correct fantasies. Again, what may work for you in the bedroom with a happy, willing, informed and legal partner will not fly in the “real world” with a potential partner who is unsuspecting, vulnerable, uninformed or underaged. Enthusiastic consent is key. So while you may pretend to be a powerful, rich person who takes advantage of a minion with someone who’s in on the plot, you cannot be a powerful, rich person who actually takes advantage of a real underling — that’s the difference between fantasy and sexual predation or even assault, i.e. crime. 


1. Harley Quinn & the Joker

Is Harley a victim of emotional manipulation by the psycho Joker or is she her own bad bitch who’s true persona was liberated by the green-haired monster? Either way, the sex is sure to be a bit rough and nasty. 



2. Buffy & Spike

He’s a vampire, she’s a vampire slayer — of course they’re perfect for each other. Their first time is pure hate sex…because deep down they love each other. Revisit the scene for inspiration — no punching allowed. 


3. Doctor & Patient 

One of you has a bad case of nymphomania. So the good doctor needs to do a full body exam, before administering the antidote injection. Don’t assume the M.D. here has to be male while the patient is female — this is Halloween in 2016, after all!


4. Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy

Gay fan fic between these two arch nemeses was all the rage at the height of Harry Potter mania. Live out this teenage dream but understand that you both must be 18 or over to participate.


5. Rey & Kilo Ren

Like Harry and Draco, it’s the characters who hate each other that would probably have the best sex.


6. Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo

The eventual Queen of Dragons is not all that psyched about her arranged marriage to this brute, but eventually comes to love him — apparently he’s got a soft side. Make it work!


7. Starbucks Barista & Office Worker

Sometimes you can make even the least sexy costumes erotic with the right story line: a regular customer comes behind the counter after closing to get their cappuccino frothed. 


8. Marilyn  Monroe & JFK 

It doesn’t matter that tales of their alleged affair have been grossly exaggerated and perhaps even entirely made up, you can still pretend that the leader of the free world snuck one of the most famous movie stars of the time into his secret bunker for illicit sex.


9. Teacher & Student

A teacher has many things to teach — and many ways to discipline — a young, unruly student. Or maybe it’s the other way around. School outfits a must. And remember: as with any of these costumes, feel free to reverse traditional gender roles. Get in the mood by watching the “Lolita” (90s version) and “Notes on a Scandal,” and listening to the Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.” 


10. Snow White/Sleeping Beauty & Prince 

The prince can wake up the comatose object of his affection with more than just a kiss, if you know what we mean. Read Anne Rice’s “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” for inspiration. As always, get consent first.

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