Top 10 “Sexy” Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

You’d think by now we’d be unshockable, but every year we continue to be flabbergasted by the sheer range of Halloween costumes that are sexed up. (Sexy cheeseburger, seriously?!) What’s not shocking at all: That 99.9% of these costumes are for women. So here are some ideas for men who are looking to gratuitously sex up their Halloween costume this year, just to even the effed-up playing field. Disturbing results and lady boners guaranteed (and yes, Friend of Curious George: You can leave your yellow hat on):

  1. Sexy Walter White (tighty whities)
  2. Sexy Homeless Guy (criminally low-riding pants)
  3. Sexy John Boehner Crying (tell the ladies you’re weeping over wage inequality and a lack of paternity leave)
  4. Sexy Jon Stewart (suit & tie without the pressed shirt)
  5. Sexy Mr. Potato Head (googly eyes over the nipples, big nose over the genitals)
  6. Sexy Deadbeat Dad (wear a wifebeater and play hard to get)
  7. Sexy Bob Ross (invite the ladies up to see your art collection, with a wink)
  8. Sexy Man in the Yellow Hat (hang the yellow hat over your crotch)
  9. Sexy Crash Test Dummy (add a zipper to your mouth and you’re basically a gimp)
  10. Sexy Kitten (black body-conscious unitard)

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